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Oregon Health Direct Primary Care (DPC) was established with the mission to restore a positive and trustworthy relationship between doctors and their patients. Increases in fees and tight schedules have caused patients to lose their trust in America’s healthcare system. Most believe that their physicians do not listen to them or give them enough time to discuss health issues.

Oregon Health DPC and Dr. Yusuf Mathai are working to solve these problems and gain the trust of our patients. We will provide you affordable, personalized health care with flexible doctor schedules and easy access to ensure that you can discuss everything you want with Dr. Mathai. We offer our patients affordable prices and total transparency. There are no hidden charges to worry about. Read more to find out everything you need to know about Oregon Health DPC and what makes us the best choice for
your healthcare.


Dr. Yusuf Mathai


What makes Oregon Health DPC
the best?

You might be wondering, when there are numerous “primary care providers near me”, why you should select Oregon Health DPC’s Dr. Mathai. Besides being cost-effective and providing flexible scheduling, the services we offer are second to none. Here are several ways we rise above standard doctor’s offices:

Functional Preventive
Primary Care

Hormonal Optimization and
Age Management treatments

Fewer Patients

No Insurance? No Problem!

Our Wide Range of
Portland Healthcare Services

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Oregon Health DPC’s goal is to provide Functional and Preventive Healthcare that will help you lead a healthy lifestyle, so that you may live your best life. Welcome to the new look of healthcare – Oregon Health DPC.

Benefits include:

Easy to schedule office visits

Easy communication
with your PCP

Big savings on labs
and medication

Functional Primary Care

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